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  1. Syezen.from those pictures I look its look awesome!!!
    Those make up looks very nice!!
    I’m sure tat customer will feel happy n statify from ur work!!!
    U really is a good make up artist!!
    I giv 5 star
    GOOD JOB,gambateh Syezen…:-)

  2. Hi . wei Lai give me your website.

    I am a photographer, currently looking for make-up artist for few jobs,
    – Secondary school student , uniform shooting,
    – Wedding, Pre-wedding
    – Model shooting (fashion, tshirts)
    – Portrait shooting (just for portfolio)

    can you tell me about your charges on your services ?

    frank, 0124619058

  3. hi, wondering if you have done hairstyling for short-haired brides. any photos you can share? 🙂

  4. Hi, could you email me your rates for makeup and hairdo.
    I am looking for a MUA this sunday. Would you be free?

  5. Just like many other brides out there, I am very particular in choosing my MUA. My wedding planning started a year ago but I only found my ideal MUA early this January, which was four months before the wedding. I get to know Syezen through the recommendation of my photographer Louis, and paid her deposit right after seeing her portfolio, even without trial make up.

    As I was busy with works and classes, so I only managed to meet Syezen three weeks before my wedding. We just had a short meeting, but basically is to meet each other in person. I just told her i want to look natural, sexy & elegant on my big day. Not only that, I didn’t even show her the photos of my gowns before the wedding day at all. However, Syezen’s magic hand really amazed me on the wedding day. She got all that I wanted right and I received many compliments from the guest even until today. Not only that, she is also a friendly make up artist, we had a good chat throughout both morning & evening session, not to mention that my bridesmaids / jimuis also enjoyed chatting with her too. It feels so much different (less tension) when your wedding vendor treat you as a friend instead of client.

    Not only that, Syezen was also kind enough to share tips on skin care with me three months before the wedding, so I will look good on the day. Then when I was stress out with the preparation a day before the wedding, she even sms to remind me that she will be at my place by 630am.

    I am not paid to write this, but frankly speaking, Syezen isn’t a famous MUA but her skills is definitely one of the best in town.

  6. Hi Syenzen,

    Can you please provide quotation for your make up and hair do for my wedding ( Whole day-Morning and evening ) ?

    Date : 3 Oct 2010
    Vanue : SS2 Petaling Jaya

    Bih Mei

  7. Hi, my wedding actual day on 2/10/10(Sat) and wedding dinner 3/10/10(Sun). May i know how much do you charge for make up and hair-do for both day?Location: Klang.

  8. Hi
    May i know your charges for actual wedding makeup and hairdo for morning and dinner time?

    Thank you

  9. Hi,

    Please let me know your make-up & hair do on
    a. Actual Day (AM/PM)
    b. Photography session on full day basic

  10. Hi Syezen,

    Got your contact from my sis. I will be having my wedding on 9th Oct 2010. Wondering if you are available, If so,what are your charges for day & night make-up. Do you do hair as well? I have short hair & prefer things to be simple.

    Please email to me your charges. I am based in Shanghai but will be back end of July if you need to meet up. Keep me posted. Thank you.


  11. I love your work ; )

    May I know how much will you charge for actual wedding and ROM?

    My sis ROM is at November 2010. Please email me the info. Thanks!

  12. hi syezen, what is the charges for the make up on wedding day? Can you provide the quotation to me? Thank you.

  13. my wedding date on 23 oct’10. now looking for bridal make up for morning section. would like to check your availability as well as quotation. Thanks

  14. Hi Szeyen,

    My actual date on 18/12/2010, can u give me quotation on bridal make-up + hair-do?? Both morning and nite session.
    Pls drop me an email asap.
    Thanks a lot ya!!

  15. Hi Szeyen,
    I will be having my wedding on 15th Jan 2011. Wondering if you are available?
    If so, can I have your quotation for day & night make-up.

    Thanks and regards,

  16. Hi Syezen,
    This is Zabrina and I just wanna say Hi and WOWed by your amazing makeup work. Can’t wait til working with you for the CM x SR workshop in Shanghai & Beijing this fall. Best wishes!!

    1. Hi Zabrina,
      Thanks for drop by. Hope to c u soon and i’m sure we will enjoy the work.
      All the best.


  17. Hi Syenzen,

    Can you please provide quotation for your make up and hair do for my wedding – whole day (morning actual day and evening dinner). Location: KL Sri Hartamas


  18. Hi Syenzen,

    Can you please let me know how much you charge for your bridal make up and hair do for my wedding – evening dinner only. And also how much you charge for normal make up and hair do for wedding dinner.

    Date: 13/11/2010
    Location: Puchong Utama


  19. hi,syezen

    may i know about ur charges 4 actual wedding make up n hairdo 4 morning and dinner time….



  20. Hey Syezen!!!!

    Thanks for d wonderful makeup n hairdo for my wedding! Am still so amazed at ur skills still n cant stop lookin at photos of d hairstyle u created for me during dinner!!! =) I reali love d fact that it is something i wanted…and on top of it, it reflects somewhat of my personal character too!!!! It’s also unique n classy at d same time…heheheh…can’t stop raving bout it. =) Thanks for being a wonderful MUA n on top of it making me comfortable throughout d long session as I’m very fidgety! LOL.

    All d best to you in d future!!!

    *Oh…for those who read dis comment, u SHUD have Syezen as ur MUA for ur wedding!!! It’s a MUST! 😉

  21. Hi Syezen,
    Could you give me quotation of full day bridal makeup on 12 Nov 2011?
    I will leave from Melaka to KL with a touch up before going to church.
    Also inclusive dinner session.
    Please kindly confirm your availability & quotation.


  22. Hi, love your work, very natural.

    May I know if you are still available on the 11th Sept 2011 (am & pm). Am looking for MUA to do my actual day in Cameron. I can provide you with accommodation.

    Kindly email me your package details and quotation at jocelyn_lim@msn.com

    Thank you!

  23. Hi, I would like to know the package price of bridal makeup and hairdo for:

    – 2 wedding dinners (24 & 25 Sept 2011) and,
    – Actual wedding day on 25 Sept 2011 morning.

    Kindly let me know as soon as possible.


  24. Dear Syezen Liow, Can I have your information regards to the packages of the bridal’s make up on Sept 10 2011 (Dinner in Malacca) & Sept 16 2011 (Actual day + Dinner in PJ)? How much is the charges for my mum and my mum in-law as well? Do you speak in Cantonese and Mandarin? Hope to hear from you soon.Thank You very much.

  25. Hi, may I know what is your charges on Personal Dinner Makeup wz Hairdo? I stay in Jalan Ipoh 5th Miles (nearby Mun Choong Primary School). Would like to know your charges for 3 persons. By the way, do you charging hairdo for kid as FlowerGirl. What special charges you can offer if I get the Bride to take you for the Bridal Package ( 8-Oct-2011 @ Malacca for Day) & (Bridal Dinner Makeup @ KL) as well? How about Transportation Charges for Outstation in Malacca? Thanks!

  26. hai….i would like to know how much is ur rates for wedding dinner makeup n hairdo…my dinner will be on 19/11/2011 at orna resort melaka.

  27. Dear,

    I would like to request the quotation of the actual wedding day makeup n hair do, details as shown below:

    Name: Charlie Teng
    Contact: 012-667 2758
    Email: scubateng@gmail.com
    Wedding date: 24th December 2011
    No of session: morning reception n night dinner

    Hope to hear from u soon



  28. Hi,

    I’m interested in your service and would like to know more about the rates for the bridal make-up and hairdo. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks 🙂

  29. Hai, can you send a quotation for makeup & hairdo for my wedding, details as shown below :

    Name : Ms Lee
    Contact No : 012-2534333
    Email : lsyee22@yahoo.com
    Wedding date : 29/12/2012
    No of session : Morning & dinner time

    Hope can hear you soon. Thank you.

  30. Sye Zen,
    Can you send a quotation for makeup & hairdo for my Pre-wedding
    2 pose each day in melaka 16 and 17 Jan 2012
    We prefer you can follow us all day long

    Contact No : 0193373188
    Email : chtan1688@yahoo.com

  31. Hi,my wedding will be on 25th Nov 2012 at Jerantut, Pahang. may I know r u available?can u pls send me your quotation? thanks

  32. Good day~!

    hi…i would like to find more about the actual day make up/hairstyle package… kindly send me a quotation .
    my date is on 08Dec 2012 and my location is seminyih.
    thank you

  33. Hi..
    I would like to find out more about the price for make-up and hairdo for my actual wedding day (24/03/2012 a.m.) and wedding reception dinner (24/03/2012) in Melaka.

  34. Hi Hi, Good day !
    Could you pls provide me your charges for make-up and hairdo for my actual wedding day (11/03/2012 a.m.) in Cheras as well as the make-up and hairdo for my family members.
    Thanks 🙂

  35. Dear Syezen

    Are you available on 22/12/2012 (morning session @ seremban) and 23/12/2012(2 make up & 2 hairdo at night session) at Klang ?

    How much do you charge??

    Your reply will be much appreciated.

    E-Xin. =)

  36. Hi, Syezen will b available on 09/12/12? My wedding will be helding in KL and I need to arrange for two make up and hairdo sessions. For my actual wedding day ( morning & night). If, yes.. May I know shat is the charges?


  37. Hi Syezen,
    Are u still available on 22/9 – morning and 23/9 – dinner?
    may i know what is the charges?

  38. Hi syezen,
    please quote me your package for morning + evening charges and de package include?
    location: puchong
    Date 25/11/12

  39. Hi, may i know how much of your makeup service for full wedding day?
    My wedding day on 6-10-2013, location at kota damansara, petaling jaya, selangor.

    Thank you.

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