Malaysia PWH Music Award

S & Co’s team feel great to be award winning songstress, Anna 莊啟馨 and One FM DJ, 黄玉丽 Angeline’s makeup artist & hair stylist for this very prestigious event, the Malaysia PWH Music Award 马来西亚娱协奖.

We loved making both of you look your very best for the red carpet & event. Thank you for the opportunity! To many more successful collaborations in the future!!

Malaysia PWH Music Award

Anna 莊啟馨 《TACK》

Congratulations to music producer Mr. Abraham, Anna and the team have gained an award @ Malaysian PWH Music Award!
Our greatest pleasure to be your makeup and hair artist in this whole album project.

Taiwanese live TV show
Live Show
It was a superb opportunity and fun experience to join as a guest for the Taiwanese live TV show – 猪哥亮歌舞秀 at Taipei!

I even got an opportunity to visit backstage and get to know more about preparation before the show starts!

Hope to be part of their backstage makeup team in the near future ~

Culture Exchange in Taiwanmakeup exchange

I truly enjoyed this Taiwan trip. Especially because I managed to meet up with my Taiwanese friend, who is also a makeup artist! She was ever willing to share her makeup techniques and even take me around to discover the best makeup products in Taiwan!

Thank you so much for all your hospitality and gifts! Hope we see each other again soon, in Malaysia perhaps..

Summer Fashion Makeup

behind the scene I would like to thanks to everyone who always support me, guide me and share my life by action all the time.

I’m ready to achieve another level in my career and bring you all more surprise!

Special thanks to my super model, Yeo Jeong for being 100% cooperate for whole photo shooting. And my beloved sister Amy to assist me until the end!

(Airbrush techni always my best choice when create my creative design in my mind!)

BE YOUR OWN Makeup Workshop 2015

makeup workshop

‘Everyone has your own characteristics, therefore, become your own makeup artist’!

For our girlfriends who do not put on makeup, it is not that they do not want to adorn themselves beautifully with make-up but they actually feel worse whenever they do because they don’t know how to apply themselves a suitable makeup!

We have confidence to train you to BE YOUR OWN Makeup Artist!

(Special thanks to all my friend who support by action!)
illustrated by Evelyn WeiWei
graphic design by Bel Lim

Personal Makeup Lesson

Personal Makeup

Today’s my first day of work after a long Chinese New Year break. Phew~ I’m finally back in action again!

Today, I’d like to express my gratitude to my international student, all the way from Taiwan! This was just her second class with me. But she was extremely attentive, giving me 100% of her attention and focus.

Thanks a million for giving me the opportunity to be your makeup tutor and for choosing me over countless other professional makeup tutors in the world.

I wish you all the best in your endeavors and may your future be bright in the makeup industry in Taiwan.

Vietnam Pre Wedding Assignment

Vietnam Day 1Day 1 –

Syezen is now here in Vietnam for wedding assignment!
It’s my pleasure to work once again with the international photographer, JeZa Photography from USA after 4 years!
Oh yeah!! I’m getting excited to see all of you!!

Vietnam Day 2Day 2 –

Syezen . Vietnam . Hanoi
Mission of the day – A Modern-Oriental Bridal look!
This is my 1st Vietnam trip and I’m surprised to discover that this is a good place to take wedding photos!!!

Vietnam Day 3Day 3 –

Linda looks so elegant with Vintage Hollywood Glamour Hair.
Heartfelt thanks to Zabrina, she is not only a professional photographer yet she have a pair of fashion eye to see through the most suitable style on Linda!
An excellent outcome is worthy to all hardship and sweat.

Vietnam Day 4Day 4 –

Well, I can say that is a crazy mission, but it made me feel alive! We stand up, we move and we capture the beautiful moments of our clients from the tiny boat while it’s still moving!
I truly enjoyed the wind and air in Vietnam – work hard, play harder!!! Awesomeness!

Vietnam Day 5Day 5 –

Last day in Vietnam!
Shooting on a yacht over such beautiful landscape~
Red traditional Vietnam dress with Oriental hair style – A perfect match!!
I have fallen in love with you, my super model.

Miss Tourism World 2014

Our Miss Malaysia, Cherish Lim, made Malaysia proud by making it to the Top 15 semifinalist Miss Tourism World 2014 held in Venezuela.

Thanks Miss Malaysia Pageant for doing this cover with our art work!

Air Brush Makeup by Syezen Liow
Photo by Gavin Yam
Assist by Kok Yew

 PassionateWe are busy on weekends for bridal assignments.
We are busy on weekdays for commercial assignments. I want to say that young models today are truly pretty and talented. Also very kind and professional.
I wish for all of you to have great careers and bright futures!!!
Do stay tune for our latest art work, coming soon.
My team, congratulations and well done to all of you!

A special thank you goes out to Felicia Chew @ KAV Modern Living Furniture Concept our venue sponsor today!
Model – Serene Claire

Blessing Sunday

PhotoGrid_1417966789788Sunday was such a blessed day from God.
Bridal upgrade short course had a perfect ending.
We were not just sharing about skill, but also about life.
We found that the right attitude is the only way to lead us to success.
Without all of you, my life would be incomplete.
Truly hope that all of the new makeup artists can shine even brighter and pursue a greater career in future.
Thanks all for being a part of my happiness and life. Love u all~
Special thanks to!

Tutor – Syezen Liow
Organise by LLC

Commercial Shoot

Even though it was a long day but it was full of fun because I worked together with youthful ones!
It’s my great pleasure to be a part of 余仁生’s new advertising photo shooting! Thanks a million to vendor studio for choosing me to be your makeup artist once again.


We have received Bridal services enquires for year 2015. Thus, we like to extend the available booking dates to June 2015.

Extremely Black & White July Fashion ShootPhotoGrid_1405336666338Photo by Gavin Yam @ Ctwo Studio
Assist by Kok Yew @Ctwo Studio
Makeup & Hair by Syezen Liow
Model – Phoenix Vonne

Our Malaysia Idol-Daniel Lee 李桀漢

Malaysia Idol - Daniel Lee
Malaysia Idol – Daniel Lee

Finally we get the photo from our photographer!

Malaysia Idol Daniel Lee 李桀漢 who sparks brightly on the stage seems out of reach, but in fact he is very approachable. Looking forward to his new album!
这一位为马来西亚乐坛带来火花的全民偶像Daniel Lee李桀漢看上来似乎遥不可及,但其实台下的他却是一位非常平易近人的邻家男孩。期待他的新作品!
Artist – Daniel Lee 李桀漢
Makeup & hair by Syezen Liow
Photo by Ah Teng

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

Photo by Gavin Yam Attire design by Vonne Makeup & Hair by Syezen Liow

Fall in love with tradition

在这个multi touch的时代,我对传统却有一种说不上来的情怀。人人追求越新越快,但我却钟爱那一步一脚印的扎实感。第一次尝试古装造型,过程中仿佛让我穿越时空,体会了古人对于事情的态度。看上来琐碎的装饰,却是他们对每个细节上认真的证据。一个动作一种心情。


Photo by Gavin Yam
Attire design by Vonne
Makeup & Hair by Syezen Liow

MAC Grand Event @ Mid ValleyIMG-20140304-WA0000 copy

PhotoGrid_1393915961417Enjoyed blissful moments with my long-time friends at MAC grand event @ Mid Valley last night. We have not contacted each other for a couple years. Nevertheless, they are still filled with young momentum and charming as always. Truly hope that they can shine even brighter and pursue a greater career in this year of the golden horse! Once again, thanks to Daniel Lee for this wonderful invitation.
Great to see u!
Rickman 谢承伟,雲鎂鑫,Von Lee,Aric 何志健,Xiao yu 小玉,Daniel Lee 李桀漢,Fyone Huey Yng。

The Brain Talk @ University of Malayapt2014_05_11_16_25_24The Brain Talk event had a perfect ending! Thanks to Dr. Suen from Singapore who graduated with 1st Class Honours in Electrical Engineering from the National University of Singapore and a PhD in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Technische University Munchen Germany for spending your precious time in Malaysia! It’s a pleasure to provide my makeup expertise for this event!

Korean Bride @ Malaysiaedit Sue一看见这位韩国新妇时我就被她的样子吸引住了,无可否认的她真的很漂亮,但关键是她长的很象一位我非常尊重的韩国牧师。在整个过程中我用我脑袋瓜中所有的韩语和她沟通,说的最多的单字就是“입어요 진짜에요!”(真的,很美!)

The moment I laid eyes on this Korean bride, I was attracted by her looks, indeed she is undeniably beautiful, but the main reason is because she really looked like a Korean pastor whom I respect. Throughout the process, I cracked my head to recall all the Korean words that I know to communicate with her, which was mostly “Truly, very beautiful indeed!”
Korean Bride – Sojung Jo
Venue – Cyberview Lodge Resort & Spa


edit Jean

The story of my Japanese client.

When the Japanese fall in love with Malaysian.
God created human beings because of Love. Thus, everyone is seeking for true love, no matter who they are. And there is only One who can teach us the meaning of true love, He is our Creator God.

Syezen . Client VS Friend

edit Hwe LooDo you know what is so special about this picture? Your right! I did all 3 of their wedding make-ups! It’s always wonderful to meet up with my clients again. I truly appreciate them for liking my work and recommending me to their family and friends. Thank you so much!

Syezen @小凡夫子音乐会Backstage

1506762_763691733658152_1549051688_nbusy Anna 莊啟馨. 小凡夫子音乐会终于完美落幕,真心感谢所有台前幕后的工作人员。没有你们,没有这场音乐会。谢谢化妆团队,谢谢称赞我们很美的Anna,谢谢妳的邀请。
Anna Chong, little creature concert have a perfect ending. Sincerely give thanks to all the team members backstage. Without all of you, this concert would not be possible.Thank you to the makeup team and also to Anna, who praised us. We are truly blessed by your invitation.

Special thanks to Teng Foung for photo sharing.

Indeed an extraordinary person in her ordinary way

edit AP Anna 莊啟馨

Anna is indeed an extraordinary person in her ordinary way. Her sincerity to music is widely known and has even touched Malaysia’s precious Penny戴佩妮 to invite Anna as her concert’s guest performer.

Artist – Anna 莊啟馨 @
Makeup & Hair by Syezen Make Up & Hair

‘Impossible Situations Make Possible Miracles’

Last Thursday, I received an unexpected phone call from Ah Tang at 3pm asking me to go over TV3 and help do makeup for 5 person, to be completed by 4.30pm…realistically, the short time period make it seems like an impossible task. But somehow, my heart tells me to do it. When i arrived at 4.05pm, i was surprised to see that the 5 people are Jack Neo 梁智强 and artists for ‘Ah Boys To men’ <新兵正传>. It was truly an amazing opportunity to work with them. As if time has miraculously stopped, we managed to get everyone’s make up done by 4.26pm and just in time to go on air 八度空间<八八六十事>. Know how people always say ‘nothing is impossible’? I totally agree with that saying. As long as we have a passionate and fervent heart in the thing we do, unexpected opportunities do occur and miracles that seem impossible will take place. Special thanks to Ah Tang great arrangement.

BE YOUR OWN MAKEUP ARTIST 2014 Personal Makeup CourseWorkshop 2014
Personal Makeup Course

‘Everyone has your own characteristics, therefore, become your own makeup artist’!
For our girl-friends who do not put on make-up, it is not that they do not want to adorn themselves beautifully with make-up but they actually feel worse whenever they do because they could not accept themselves with thick make-up on! “I do not like the heavy base make-up, I do not like the thick fake eyelashes, I do not like the exaggerated eye shadow, and I definitely could not accept the hot weather in Malaysia that will melt all the make-up!” Then how do we create a natural look make-up? Well, putting on natural look make-up is not difficult; it requires just a little trick!

Contact us now to get 50% Special rate for first 10 student ONLY.

“When morning dawns”- Behind the scene of “Project D”

IMG_2674 copy

I always say, “We are all so young, so we can give just anything a try”. This behavior of mine that never succumbs to age has brought endless surprises into my life. The impromptu shooting proceeded extremely smooth. It is indeed a great opportunity being able to work with Daniel. Praise the Lord!

The enthusiasm of Teng Sou Wong (Photographer), Hinz Lum (Videographer), Jasper Huang (Videographer), and Jack Chow (Asst Videographer), Daniel Lee 李桀漢‘s professionalism, as well as the great help from KeanBin(Daniel’s PA) have made everything progress with great success! Looking forward to the final artwork!

Syezen . Next Station . Korea

Here is my Holy Land, my home, my love, my heaven!
Dear all clients, please kindly send your inquiry to, will get back to you asap. Be back on 8 of May 2014.

Round the world in L.O.V.E

FB CoverF3S Traveling across Asia and Europe in the past one year, I’ve seen and had various experiences, and the core of all these is LOVE. Being a part of the lifetime journey of so many couples, I couldn’t help but be amazed by how God works on human beings. Every human being on earth was created for the sake of love and it is only with love that separate entities can connect and be united as one. And it is only when we’re united as one in love, that life truly begins.

2013 REVIEWreview 2013

As I travelled the course of my life, I deeply realized that because I have Your unchanging true love and sincerity, I can live my life being sun upon places of gloom. I am truly thankful to God who has raised me, thankful to the Holy Spirit who always inspire me, thankful to the Holy Son who is always guiding me, thankful to my life mentor who is always teaching me, and thankful to my wonderful clients who chose me. 2013 ended beautifully, and 2014 will be a year that shines even more brightly. I anticipate meeting all of you.

Syezen . World Tour Makeup Journey . Bali Island

True happiness come from the joy of deeds well done. My passion is simply blended in this so called hobby (job). Unobstructed view, crystal clear blue sea, professional camera, make-up brush and lovely bridal couple. Love to working in sophisticated wedding shooting project with an awesome team.

Syezen . Next Station . Europe June & July 2013

Dear all, Syezen will be away to France for World Tour Pre Wedding Makeup job. Please kindly send your inquiry to, will get back to you asap.

There’s nothing more beautiful than being natural

workshopThere’s nothing more beautiful than being natural. Because of God’s blessing, I have experienced ‘beautiful’ from around the world. It is a great honour to be able to share tips on natural beauty at my homeland, Batu Pahat. I will continue to spread the joy and blessings that I’ve received from God until the very end!