Traditional makeup or Airbrush makeup?

Many of client asked: “Syezen & team,  you are using traditional makeup or airbrush makeup?”

We apply both traditional makeup and airbrush makeup as well.

We love to use traditional makeup after many wonderful experiences. It is a must for us to apply onto our bridal makeup services and the result is always Fantastic!

And we would love to use Airbrush makeup too. It is an incredibly useful technique, can blend well and unveiling a masterpiece of our makeup especially create a creative makeup.

We will advise which technique is suit to your skin type and match to your entire outlook so that it will bring out the best result!


‘Your Skin is naturally beautiful’

Natural skin expressions that cherish the splendor of life and nature above all else.
Rather than blanketing the skin, foundation base makeup draws out your skin’s innate vitality, enveloping it in such a delicate veil of natural colour that you’ll soon forget you’re wearing it.

There have all kind of airbrush makeup and millions of make up foundations in this world.
But, foundation base makeup is still the tried and trusted tool we turn to when it comes to natural-looking skin make up.

It has a natural outlook with the perfect coverage.
 Foundation leaves the skin fresh, and spreads lightly and wears easily.
Light as air, it covers fine lines within  natural finish, for supple, translucent skin.
Waterproof, this foundation protects against perspiration and water, and creates a beautiful, long-lasting complexion.
Bringing out the natural beauty of you!

Foundation works perfectly on your face. The foundation will totally become part of your skin and you won’t even feel that you are wearing a thick ‘mask’.
It’s the perfect make up foundation for bride’s to be!

S & Co’s Signature Make-up Technique:

“Natural Good Looking skin make up.”


S & Co’s Airbrush Makeup