2 thoughts on “Joey Cheah

  1. Syezen, really thanks for your service. The natural make up and skillful hairstyle, made me looked elegant on the day. I think make up and hair style are the most important part for the bride on their wedding actual day. And thank you for let me looked pretty on my day 🙂 I’ll highly recommend you to my friends who are going to marry or in future. Sincerely, thank you 🙂

    1. Dear Joey,

      Thank you for appreciating the make-up and hair-do that I’ve done for you. I could not have done it without God who always inspires me. I’m glad that you liked the design. You look so adorable and sweet that I can’t believe you’re actually a lecturer! Besides, you’re so friendly and comfortable to be with that I almost forgot you’re a client. Talking to you feels like talking to a long-time friend. Sincerely hope that we could keep in touch as friends. Take care and may God watch over you always!


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