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  1. A year ago, I found Syezen’s blog from Malaysia Brides forum. She’s highly recommended by her clients. Without hesitation, I dropped her an email to inquire about her availability on my wedding date, worried as my date is too hot! I only managed to browse her blog after the email was sent. Hahaha! Wow wow, I found her makeup style is exactly what I’m looking for – natural & clean. Well, I’m not a high profile person, hence I dislike those exaggerate and too colorful makeup. Guess what? I paid her deposit once availability is confirmed, without going through makeup trial first. Hohoho!

    I only get to meet Syezen in person a month before my wedding. During the makeup trial, she described me “You are very cartoon!”. Errrr, was this a compliment? LOL I not sure. But there’s one thing I sure – she’s definitely a friendly MUA like other clients commented about her. We keep in touch via SMS and email until my AD arrives.

    On my AD, she turned up at my house 15 minutes earlier than our appointment time. OMG I’m getting nervous of her early arrival as I’m not ready for makeup yet! However she didn’t show me any unhappy or dissatisfaction face at all, yet still advised me to drink a cup of hot Milo before starting. Throughout the session, I keep on reminding my “sisters” to follow up things as per planned earlier, worrying they might have overlooked. Ops, sorry again Syezen for not being fully concentrated. 😛

    As for evening session, she arrived at the restaurant 30 minutes earlier; while I arrived 15 minutes later than our agreed time. Sorry again Syezen for kept you waiting. 🙁 She claimed that this is the first time she started bridal makeup at such a late hour. But she immediately comforted me not to worry so much as she will ensure everything done in time. And as expected, she never fail to please me. She loves to capture my photos after each makeup & hairdo image, while saying “Wow you are so beautiful”! I know she is trying to build confidence in myself, because a confident lady is always the prettiest!

    Syezen, you are not only technically strong in makeup & hairdo, but great personality too! I have no regret having you as my MUA on this most memorable day in my life. Wish you all the best and we must keep in touch OK? 😀 Oh yeah, don’t forget to use my handmade soap gift, you gonna love it!

  2. Dear Ai Loon,

    When I first saw you, Ai Loon, I didn’t really feel distant from you as I felt you’re a sincere person and it’s wonderful that you can open up your heart to interact with me, even when I’m still much a stranger to you. This is the reason why I said: “You’re so cartoon!” because you’re such a sincere and cute person to me.

    During the process of creating your bridal look, I can truly feel your trust and that gives me the confidence of perfecting your look even more, and also, I thank GOD for HIS inspiration through HIS WORDS-‘Every Bride should be brighter than Angels’!

    Actually, to me, Calvin and Vyn, we are really glad to serve you as it is such a blessing that we, coming from the same church, having the opportunity to serve you. To us, it meant a lot, we do not just treat you as a client, but we do want you to look gorgeous, truly with our sincere heart. I hope you can really feel that.

    When I said “You’re so beautiful~” I truly mean what I said, not only from the outer, but also the inner part of you that glows. May GOD bless you with a happy life and all the best in bringing your life into another stage! Keep in touch~ and if you miss me you can always call me~ I’ll be more than delight to talk with you~~


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