Alyssa @ Swiss-Garden Hotel & Residences KL

We have never met until this special day.

She has a very kind personality, always calm and smiles at me no matter how stressful the situation is during her big day. I truly feel that she is a fine young lady who always treats her family and friends well with the kindness of a “big sister”. Especially so when i see all that are present respecting and loving her so much!!!
Due to her personality and uniqueness in beauty (outward & inner), I decided her bridal makeup to be a gentle and romantic look, which suited her the most!!

Thank you my dear for choosing me as your makeup artist and all the inspiration you have given me.
I wish you all the best in your new beginning together with your loved one.

One thought on “Alyssa @ Swiss-Garden Hotel & Residences KL

  1. Dear Syezen,

    Thank you for making me a pretty bride on my wedding day! I do received lots of compliments from family and friends on my look for the day. Most importantly, it fits perfectly to what I’ve imagined myself would be as a bride. Natural makeup with simple yet elegant hairdo. Love it! =)

    You’re such a perfectionist that I think you care for how good I look on that day than myself. Although it was our first meet up on my wedding day, I could chat openly and comfortably with you not only on the makeup and hairdos but also on casual things because of your wonderful personality.

    I’m really glad to have you as my MUA on one of the most important day of my life. I hope your gifted talent and skills can continue to bring satisfaction and happiness to other brides-to-be in future! =)


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