Pauline Chin

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  1. Syezen and myself is not just client relationship, we have developed to become friends. I was also very impressed with her professionalism. Not only she is a good makeup artist, she gives tips and suggestions on our tight schedule which helped us a lot on the actual day planning.

    She is a someone who can touch your heart, nice and polite, passionate with her work, sincere and lastly very devoted to her Christian belief.

    On the day of our wedding, she said to me ‘Every bride should look like an angel’. Instantly I knew I chose the right person for my make up 🙂

    Syezen..thanks for helping to make my dream come true on that day. Absolutely no regrets. God bless you 🙂

    1. Dear Pauline,

      Thank you for treating me as your friend. You’re such a warm and loving person that it feels like being with a close family member when I’m with you. I believe that every bride should shine even brighter than angels on their wedding day. The design and inspiration for your make up came from God and I was only doing my part putting it on you. Any touched movement in your heart is God showing His love to you through me.

      Although I’ve only met you for a few hours, I could truly feel your sincerity and kindness. I’ll keep you in my prayers and hope that we will always keep in touch.


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