Rose Ting @ Le Meridian Hotel

2 thoughts on “Rose Ting @ Le Meridian Hotel

  1. Syezen is a very young, gorgeous and dedicated make up artist, who is passionate about beauty and more importantly, she loves her job so much that she enjoys working with different people to bring out the best bit of individuals.

    Not withstanding her primary duty on my big day as the make up artist, she also filled up the role as a friend, a comforter and a trustworthy companion, especially during some inevitable stressful moments.

    Syzen is chatty, enthusiastic and caring. I was surprised to find out that a trendy girl like her is a Christian too. Thanks for your excellent make up, your prayer, encouragement and stay blessed in all your future undertakings. You are going to go very very far in your career and I look forward to meeting you in London soon.

  2. Rose, i feel so happy & touch too because our pray is worked!!
    Keep in touch and hope to see you in London if i over there!
    Thanks for love your and my make up & hair do!!

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