Seng Hui

3 thoughts on “Seng Hui

  1. U can’t imagine how much ‘thank yous’ i wanna say to you Syezen! You did a brilliant job and made me from plain to princess!! haha! I respect your professionalism and creativity! Thanks for being so patient with me too when i cant sit still! =) Best of all, to have you not only as my MUA but also a very good friend! I wish you all the best and look forward in seeing your name across the world! Hugs and kissies! Cheers!!

  2. Dear Hui,

    I really feel so touching and happy to be your make up artist. From stranger and end up become a friend! Thanks for engaged to be your MUA, this is what i wanna thanks again!! I feel so sorry too, i help you nothing beside make up. If can, i just want to help you, to be 1 of your ji mui and family, just help without any condition~~~

    God bless you dear

  3. U already have done the best thing!!! Without u, i don’t think i can walk out my room proudly lo!! Thanks so much for doing your best! You’re already my ji mui and part of family! =)

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