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  1. syezen, thanks for making sure i had fun on my wedding day. i know it was a challenge for you – this customer who doesn’t like makeup, didn’t show you a picture of the gown, and was late for both makeup sessions! but you were calm and cheerful from our first email until everything was over. although the wedding day was busy and tiring, the makeup sessions actually helped me to relax. i knew i could just sit back and let you do your job because you were obviously committed to doing your best. you really made the effort to understand what type of person i am and what i would be comfortable with. even for the dinner – i only thought of using the hair accessory AFTER you finished curling and setting my hair, but you were sporting and excited to give it a try.

    i booked you before i met you because i liked the natural style shown in your portfolio. i thought i was only paying for makeup and hairstyling. but in the end i also got good conversation, warm memories, and a great time. no regrets! god bless.

    1. Dear Su mei,

      Thank you for your wonderful comments. You are so humble and kind and it’s been a pleasure to work with you. Your readiness to cooperate and your calmness make me feel really comfortable and because of your confidence in me, I’m able to work my best on you. I truly thank God for all the inspiration that He has given me to bring out your most natural and beautiful side on your special day. I too had fun conversing, laughing and trying new styles with you. Although I do not know if we’ll meet again, working with you has indeed left me a deep impression. I believe that it was God’s Will that we met and I sincerely think of you as a friend. Truly hope that we will meet again soon. May God’s love be with you always.


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