Ting Ting @ The Saujana Hotel

By spending just one day together, the relationship between customer and make-up artist developed from stranger to friend. We can talk about anything, from makeup to puppies. We get along really well with sincerity. She has a pair of temperament eyes, I told her that I have absolute confidence to make her into the most beautiful bride who shines naturally! Thank you for allowing me to have such a rewarding masterpiece!
Bride-Ting Ting
Makeup & Hair design by Syezen Liow

One thought on “Ting Ting @ The Saujana Hotel

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    Tan Ting Ting
    Thank you for the wonderful work Syezen! I’m really happy to have found you. You’ve showed utmost professionalism in your work especially punctuality. Your warming personality calms a nervous bride and make me feel like a million dollar after the make over. Really glad to have met you, my dog lover friend

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