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  1. “Syezen”, not a familiar name as I thought, but yet, she is a very pretty make up artist, no doubt!

    I still remembered, one day, when I was searching around to get some info of make up artist for my big day, and I found her page! Tried to go in deep to view her profile and her jobs, I was straight away fall in love with her jobs. The make up that done by her was so impressed! What can I say is, the make up was so ELEGANT+NATURAL that suit to my need! I always told myself, I’m gonna be the pretty as well as elegant bride during my wedding!

    Therefore, I straight away emailed her for the package detail. Few hours later, she replied. The written conversations between us were short and simple, but to me, it was very clear enough. Of course I never confirmed her straight as I hope to look around more and make comparison.

    After few months later for searching and comparison, again, I called her up to understand more about the actual day bridal make up and hairs do. From the tele-conversation, I can say that she was so friendly and helpful. (Unlike others famous make up artist that I found, they will just hire their own personal assistance to assist and reply.) This is the good relationship and services that customer’s need. To be frank, I’ve signed up a famous make up artist before Syezen, and even paid the deposit. But I feel so uncomfortable and unsecured as most of the time I was only contact with her PA. Therefore, I called up and cancelled the service and ask for the refund. Lucky me, I get the refund back and finally I’ve made the decision to engage SYEZEN.

    Before a few weeks of my wedding day, I went for my bridal make up trial session. During the make up trial session, we’ve discussed with a lots of fun & joys. I came out with my ideas which I preferred and yet she gave me her suggestions and ideas which were suit to me as well. At the end, we came out with the best choice!

    …and finally, It came to my big day! She reached my house early in the morning, started her job with full of passionate. I can feel that she really put a lot of efforts toward her jobs. I was so satisfied with the outcome. It was so lovely, simple yet “Sexy & elegant”. I love all the morning & evening make-up & hairdo so much!!! I would like to say, I was so happy that I’ve found the style and feeling that I craving for!

    Last but not least, I gonna said thousand thanks so much to Syezen, double thumb up to her job which makes me the most prettiest bride during my big day! Every of my friends and relatives love my make-up and hair-do which was done by her. We get lots of good feedback from our guests too!

    Again, my deepest heart to thank you for all your efforts!!! God can see your effort and I believe that you will have a lot of businesses in the coming days.


  2. Dear Winnie,

    Feel so touch when reading your comment, I’m so surprise so much feeling on me for you. I feel so lucky to be your make up artist but the luckiest we become friend after your big day and we still contact each others! What to say… just thousand thanks coz you given chance to choose my services. Your support really cheer me up and give me more strength to do more hard for future bride to be.

    Love u Winnie. ^^

    Dear Syezen

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