One thought on “Yee Ying

  1. I have always wanted to hire a makeup artist that is good in enhancing client’s feature, rather than cloning them using the same tactic on my wedding day. The last thing I want to have is a heavy makeup that doesn’t suit me or encounter powder dropping issue or have a different face colour on the neckline. It is the day when I wish everything is perfect, especially on my makeup.

    You did a great job in making sure all that did not happen, and with minimal makeup, transforming me to look fabulous:) I love how I looked that day, so as my family and friends. I was still me, just in a glamorous version, which really boosted up my confidence level.

    I’m just glad that I met Kok Wei, Chen and you, SyeZen. Thank you for being a part of our special day. We certainly pulled it off! I will definitely recommend you to anyone, especially to those who want to have a natural and yet absolutely stunning look on their wedding day!

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