Hair Suggestion

‘Discover the original beauty of their own, instead of changing into another face. That is my mission!’

Syezen, founder of S & Co. Artistry Studio believe bride is most elegant with originality & natural make-up. It is not only can reveal the beauty, but blooms with charm personality in every bride. In contrast, a total different makeover or exaggerated with vibrant colours on bride’s face. It won’t be matchable to embrace the original charm.

Of course, we can’t also merely rely in make-up tactic. Perfect bride has to be matchable with chic hairdo, suitable wedding dress, glowing accessories and not forgetting sweet smile.

The last but not least, hairdo is playing a crucial part to carry out uniqueness & individuality from bride.

We are more than happy to share wedding make-up tips with all clients and looking forward to grow with them in future.

Wedding hair ideas by S & Co. Artistry Bridal Studio